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Let's work together! Hydrangea Hippo features modern DIY made easy. We believe that everyone has the capacity to be creative so we share projects to help everyone get creative in an easy to approach way.  All of the projects, recipes, products, and ideas we share have a common thread: they are practical crafts that make your modern life BETTER and they are crafts that are relatively easy to make for creatives of every age. We often work our blended cultures of Latino, African-American, and American into our DIY projects and crafts. When we work with sponsors, we are in it for the long haul! We share smart DIY products and solutions that we'd actually use. If you think your company is a good fit, keep reading to see some ways we can work together.

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How we work with sponsors:

Blog Campaigns + Sponsored Posts

  • Long term campaigns (ex: Handmade Holidays Annual Blog Hop)
  • Short Term campaigns (ex: Holiday Decor with Duck Brand Tape)
  • Product reviews and features – please contact us for more information to check availability in our editorial calendar
  • We can create original video content for your channels or ours, for all platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and more.
  • We can edit your content to create videos for your social channels
  • We edit exclusively within the Adobe suite of programs

I also run several other blogs that might be a good fit for your needs as well. Please feel free to check them out:

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2 thoughts on “Contact + Work With Us

  1. Hi,

    I represent American Sign Letters, a custom printing e-commerce site. We make many letters, acrylic pieces, engraving and other things for dyi people and crafters. We think our product line would be of interest to your blogs target audience.

    We were wondering if there was any way we could sponsor a guest posting and what that would cost. Also, we would like to get on your list of suppliers.

    Thanks for your time,

    Posted on October 31, 2017 at 12:29 pm