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I recently sat down with our cat, Adventure Kitty, to find out what advice she has for us as Cat Parents. Last summer, we got Adventure Kitty as a kitten who had to be bottle fed. Adventure Kitty is now the Queen Kitty in our household. She makes herself at home in the usual places, like in the middle of the couch or the middle of my bed, but she also has some unique pampering spots, like the bathtub and the inside of my workout clothes drawer. She is a happy, loving kitty, purring any time you walk near her and crying for our attention when we get home for the day.  I figured she'd be the best cat to give advice on how to pamper and take care of your cat babies better.

Litter Genie Fancy Feast JPriest

Adventure Kitty's Instructions for Cat Parents

I've been living in the Priest household for about 9 months now so I think I know a thing or two about how people should take care of their cats. The first thing is to stop calling yourselves “Crazy Cat Ladies”. My owner's mom Jennifer does this all the time on Instagram. The term is really supposed to be “Cat Parents”. I expect to see that as a hashtag from now on in all of Jennifer's Instagram photos but she doesn't really listen to me so who knows? It's nearly impossible to train people, you know. It's not easy like walking a dog…

AdventureKitty Loves Fancy Feast

When it comes to snack time and meals, we only want the best. When my buddy Marshmallow lived here, he only wanted to eat dry food. Peasant! I'll never understand that. Cats want juicy, moist food with real meat, like Fancy Feast®. I'll take mine spooned out in a glass dish please, crystal if you've got it. For over 25 years, Fancy Feast has been committed to preparing the most enjoyable gourmet meals for cats and I can attest to that! Their quest for culinary perfection is a pursuit to bring love and joy along with balanced nutrition. I recommend shopping for Fancy Feast at Target, like my owners do. My owners always get the 24 pack of Fancy Feast® so they can make sure we always have the pantry stocked. Yes, absolutely my food is in the pantry with the people food – isn't that where you store your cat food? I know my owners love the easy-to-stack 24 packs of Fancy Feast, like in the photo above, because when I am feeling a little hungry, I'll walk into the pantry meowing near the stack of boxes. My favorite variety of these 24 packs of Fancy Feast® is the Grilled Poultry & Beef Feast Variety but you can also choose from the Grilled or Classic Seafood Feast Varieties.

Naptime is all day long. I know you think it is cute and want to pet me when I am sleeping in the middle of the floor but I am sleeping so you really ought to just leave me be, walk around me, and let me get my beauty rest. You know cats need up to 18 hours of sleep a day? These luxurious locks I have don't just get that way by themselves! My secret is sleep and lots of it. You don't need to buy me a cat bed. Do you sleep in a cat bed? I didn't think so. I'll sleep on the couch or on the Cal King bed in the Master Bedroom, thank you very much. And sometimes, if I feel hot, I'll nap in the empty bathtub. No, I don't want a bath – I'm just burning up under all of this gorgeous fur and the bathtub is a cool place to relax. I've seen you relax in there too, if we're really being honest here. And as for the naps in your drawer… well, I know the “work out clothes” drawer is a safe place to sleep because you never work out, so I won't be bothered.

Litter Genie Cat Pampering JPriest

The litter box should be treated as a spa area. It's just like your bathroom so the cleaner and more welcoming it is, the more I'll enjoy using it. And you want kitty to be happy, right? The trick to a great spa experience in the litter box is keeping it clean. I told my cat parents to get a Litter Genie and it has made all the difference. The Litter Genie makes regular cleaning of the litter box throughout the day a breeze. Simply scoop out the litter into the Litter Genie and you're done cleaning the box in minutes. Its unique air-tight design helps keep smells in even when you open the lid and for one cat, the Litter Genie can last up to 14 days before being emptied. Clean liter equals a happy kitty.

I walked Katie through setting up our Litter Genie and she did pretty well. Here's how to set up the Litter Genie:

How to Set up Litter Genie JPriest
  1. Attach the scoop holder to the side of the Litter Genie. It snaps on.
  2. Open the Litter Genie refill. It is included with the Litter Genie pail. You can purchase more refills, as needed, at Target.
  3. Pull the bag from the refill and tie a knot at one end.
  4. Pull the bag through the Litter Genie refill ring.
  5. Thread the bag into the Litter Genie by pulling the handle.
  6. Snap the Litter Genie refill into place and close the lid.

I recommend keeping the Litter Genie next to the litter box to make cleaning fast and efficient.

I hope you follow these instructions and treat your kitty like the queen that she is. Oh! I hear a can of Fancy Feast being opened … gotta run!


Her Royal Highness, Adventure Kitty

A big thank you to Adventure Kitty for sharing with us her recommendations on caring for your cat. I guess now I ought to go remove all of my #crazycatlady hashtags off all my photos…





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