On Sat AM I went down to Prima Marketing for another PRIMA MASTER'S CLASS!

This time Adrienne Looman was teaching a mini book project using LOTS of Prima products like Say It In Crystals, papers, 6×6 paper stacks, Center Kisses, super cute chipboard letters (that really stick), and of course, lots of flowers.

I knew Nan would be there but it was a nice suprise to see a couple of other friends like Anita and PJ, as well as some Scrapbook Royalty fans! Here are some photos of the day:

The Classroom
Me and Nan
Peej and Me
Me, Anita, and Nan
My Project

So why would I be making a Cheetah Girls album? Because I was taking Katie to the Cheetah Girls concert that night for her birthday as a surprise!! She totally did not know until the last minute! So after the class I met Xaver and we gave Katie her gift:

Then we had milkshakes at Mel's Diner in Ontario (Katie loves milkshakes) and checked out Tai Pai Trading Co after hearing much buzz from friends about it for the last few months. It is pretty cool!

We met Nan, who I got the Cheetah Tix from, in Anaheim to get some grub and then went to the concert.

Awww–Katie is so happy!!

They were IN these chandeliers! I thought that was pretty cool.

They popped up out of the floor in the middle of the audience like 20 feet from us. Katie was so excited!!

Then they made their way through the crowd back to the stage:

Today's agenda — going to urgent care for my earache! LOL And starting my annual baking marathon if I get home at a decent time. People need their fudge and “butter balls” this year! I cannot believe I am so behind this year.

Christmas Cards still need to be done.

Baking still needs to be done.

Can I get an extension on Christmas please?!

Hope you're getting all of your Holiday To-Do's crossed off your list too. Have a Great Day!!

Author: Jennifer Priest

It started with jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery, and cross-stitch. Marry that to an entrepreneurial spirit & at 9 years old a girl is selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. These days, Jennifer enjoys crafts of all genres from sewing to scrapbooking to jewelry with a little dabbling in the mixed media world. Her style is approachable and she wants everyone who sees her work to feel that they too can embrace creativity and make their home and life beautiful.

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6 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. I know what you mean Jennifer. I haven’t even wrapped a single thing yet this year. OH MY.

    Posted on December 21, 2008 at 6:03 pm
  2. Looks like fun!!! I need an extension on Christmas too!!

    Posted on December 21, 2008 at 7:16 pm
  3. awesome pics!

    Posted on December 21, 2008 at 10:46 pm
  4. you are so cheetahlicious! looks like katie had a blast….fun to spend the day with you!

    Posted on December 22, 2008 at 4:43 am
  5. Those were great pics of the concert! I know my pics of my Cher concert won’t be that good, because my digital camera battery got left at home in the charger and I had to use disposable! That bites! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to get it all done! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Posted on December 22, 2008 at 3:54 pm
  6. I can tell she had a blast…fun stuff….i will at the HSM show after Christmas (yippee) ;)

    Posted on December 23, 2008 at 6:01 am