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FOund Object STamping Collage Title- Hydrangea Hippo

Are you ready for summer with the kids!!! I am so excited to be sharing this craft for Summer Craft Camp with Sowdering About!!  Last year Matthew and I tried found object stamping for the first time with yarn to make the cards above. This year, we're going REALLY mixed media with our found object stamping techniques and using out of the box supplies, like shaped labels from, to create unique wall art and greeting cards! If you're at a party, you can make these with the kids as a fun activity to do together (they will LOVE getting all inky). Or, have the birthday boy or girl do found object stamping on labels, like we did here, to create thank you cards for after the party!

Matthew and I had a blast using found objects to create stamped mixed media art! We stamped onto labels from and shared it all during a Google Hangout with the peeps from Crafty Hangouts!

We used a couple different varieties of labels from to create our cards:

Here's a list of the found objects we used as stamps:

  • Legos
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Spray Bottle Lids
  • Brush
  • Rubber Bands around a Block
  • Yarn around a Block

We used ColorBox Pigment and Crafter's Ink to stamp with because it has a long dry time, making it easy to blend, and it also resists spray ink. After stamping, we then used stencils and spray ink, both from Clearsnap, to add more depth and patterns to the labels. Then we used the labels to create a USA wall art piece and a couple of greeting cards.

Found Obejct Collage

 For the USA wall art, I added silver stars to the places Matthew has traveled to and added the names of the places with a marker.Then I framed the art and hung it in Matthew's room on his wall. You can do this to give as a gift as well!

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