This June marks 5 years of living in our first purchased home, on Honeysuckle Ave.  When we bought out first house, we thought it was amazing! Perfect, even. Now….not so much. After 5 years you see all the problems that you thought were easy fixes when you first walked through the bank-owned house with the Realtor. And you realize they were not easy fixes and they cost alot of time and money to make “right”!

Like our floors. Five years after ripping out the horrid beige shag carpet that had black trails of footprints on it…well, we still have concrete floors in much of our house. And it is not a fashion statement–it is because we could not decide on a floor type and color and price tag to this day.

But, there are LOTS of small things we have fixed. And some big things. Here are a few accomplishments I would pat us on the back for :)

  • replaced both toilets
  • replaced garbage disposal
  • tore out dead sod in fornt yard, put in retaining wall and participated in city Cash for Grass low-water landascaping program
  • put in a vegetable garden (which has an excellent herb, strawberry,and raspberry sections!) with fence
  • replaced garage door opener
  • replaced every single light fixture inside the house save a few can lights
  • installed ceiling fans with remote controls in each major room
  • created a closet in the master bedroom (it was an empty room with no fixtures)
  • created a REAL laundry room (it was an empty room with no fixtures)
  • tiled floor in laundry room
  • put in wood floor in office and Matthew's Room
  • installed Drip Irrigation and replaced all sprinkler systems
  • painted every single wall in the house except Xaver's “office”
  • fixed weird built-in place for TV in living room (still working on this)
  • replaced all missing surround sound speakers (except center channel) and covered exposed wires
  • cleaned and fixed spa
  • repaired holes in soaking bathtub and shower
  • fixed shower door – master bath
  • reaplced shower heads both bathrooms
  • replaced all broken roof tiles
  • repaired broken truss
  • installed new thermostat
  • installed more can lights where there was poor lighting
  • took off window tint off all windows–still trying to scrape the last of the film off
  • took out all broken and chewed window blinds (people before us had a bird)
  • put in landscaping rock and plants in back yard
  • cedar chips in dog run and leveled it out
  • installed built in shelvesin Katie's Room
  • ran more internet and phone cables to where they needed to be
  • re-stained all wood fencing
  • installed shelving in master bath
  • installed closet bar and shelving in laundry room
  • put in a washer and dryer…twice…DOH!
  • built-in spice rack in kitchen cabinets
  • built in double oven and microwave
  • Installed hose holders for yard
  • Put in clothesline
  • and loads and loads and loads of smaller projects…

With all that, there is still alot that has to be done. And, it can be overwhleming. To where you realize that 5 years went by and some of the same projects are undone while new ones have popped up. And this is why I am challenging my family to…


Will you join us? I am sure you have a million little projects to get done around your house, in your crafty life, or just in general. And they don't have to be big monstrous overwhelming tasks that cost alot of money. Just get something done, every day.

Here is the list of tasks I would love to see tackled. We have the supplies for many of them and others will costs us $1000s and probably won't get done at all. But, having the list and crossing things off, one day at a time, well…that is going to give us some serious satisfaction!

  1. Paint Patio Table to Match Chairs
  2. Repair Spa Cover
  3. Varnish Spa Wood
  4. Get Spa Heater Repaired ($75 estimate and then parts + labor)
  5. Fix mosaic table on patio
  6. Weed Garden the rest of the way
  7. Plant remaining seeds and planst in garden
  8. Install trellises and climbing flowering vines on south side of house x 3
  9. Install french drain in back yard
  10. Install french drain in south side yard
  11. Refinish bathroom cabinets – materials are already purchased and doors are off hinges
  12. Patch and paint holes in laundry room
  13. Paint ceiling and cut in paint in laundry room
  14. Fix broken/missing tiles in laundry room
  15. Install cabinets (top) in laundry room
  16. Install counter top in laundry room
  17. Paint laundry room doors
  18. Paint facia board and front door
  19. Install ceiling fan in laundry or sola tube (need more light and it is hot in there!)
  20. Finish master bath toilet room shelves
  21. Fix toilet paper holder
  22. Fix holes in office wall and paint
  23. Replace 2 dead plants front yard
  24. Have Sprinkler Repair Guy come fix our sprinklers ($700 estimated)
  25. Weed front yard
  26. Weed side yard
  27. Make a place for our trash cans
  28. Two More Scoops Gravel for Back Yard
  29. Level Gravel Area in back yard (one dirt hump to level out)
  30. Remove plant holders from garden, spray paint, and install in Katie's Room for stuffed animals
  31. Paint Katie's Room
  32. Paint Katie's Closet
  33. Replace knobes Katie's Dresser
  34. Paint new bed for Katie and get matttress
  35. Spray paint front yard patio set
  36. Spray paint and reupholster grandma's dining set on patio
  37. Finish installing second oven
  38. Figure out what to do with weird space above oven
  39. Put in hook and move over kitchen nook light
  40. Paint kitchen tableand chairs
  41. Fix broken frames and rehang in hallway
  42. Fix broken screens on windows
  43. Floors?! HELLO!!!
  44. Take down the drying rack in laundry room (we dont use)
  45. Remove roofing from patio cover
  46. Replace roofing on patio cover
  47. Re-sod grass in backyard
  48. Foundation for dog house
  49. Fix dog house roof
  50. Touch up stain on fence where dog scratched and on front that was missed
  51. Replace dishwasher
  52. Replace kitchen counter & sink
  53. Frame out bathroom mirrors
  54. Patch holes in concrete
  55. Scrub oil off driveway
  56. Finish organizing garage
  57. Spray Paint Candle holders in master bath
  58. Add shelves in master closet and put luggage on them
  59. More drawers in master closet built-ins (about $75 at Ikea)
  60. Scrub slider tract – back door
  61. Fix Chair hooks that fell off wall in garage
  62. Get a shed or some place to store lawn mower
  63. Replace back door and side door light
  64. Fix House Number Sign – it just fell off one night, broken?!
  65. Plant seeds in flower pots, front yard
  66. Re-tile fireplace surround
  67. Get center channel for surround sound system or cap the wire hanging out of the ceiling
  68. Patch new hole in shower pan
  69. Finish painting baseboards
  70. Paint kids room doors
  71. Patch and repaint nicks in hallway drywall
  72. Clean dead spider guts off the scrap room ceiling–I killed that spider 4 years ago!
  73. Replace piece of chipped laminate floor in office
  74. French doors in office
  75. Sew cushions for kitchen seats
  76. Sew new curtains, bedroom
  77. Sew covers for top of washer and dryer until get counter top –still not sure we are doign countertop or not….
  78. Remove linoleum in pantry
  79. Remove linoleum in bathroom
  80. Add shefl in guest bath
  81. Move shelf and/or towel ring in master bath
  82. Paint & Reupholster chair in office
  83. Install lights across front of house
  84. Fix solar landscape lights that are broken
  85. Remove broken stepping stones in front yard
  86. and I better stop here before Xaver kills me… I am a perfectionist! LOL

So I hope you will join me as we complete 31 unfinished tasks in 31 days. Each Friday I will post the projects from that week that we've finished. You'll be invited to leave a comment to win a prize each week, sharing anything you've finished or anything you hope to finish. Together, we'll get ‘er done!

Author: Jennifer Priest

It started with jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery, and cross-stitch. Marry that to an entrepreneurial spirit & at 9 years old a girl is selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. These days, Jennifer enjoys crafts of all genres from sewing to scrapbooking to jewelry with a little dabbling in the mixed media world. Her style is approachable and she wants everyone who sees her work to feel that they too can embrace creativity and make their home and life beautiful.

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