What a crazy weekend ;) I feel like I was preparing for it all week long, packing my tools, getting my booth stuff ready for the Isle Carnival, and making sure the family was all set with Katie going off to Girl Scouts and Xaver and Matt coming with me. Whew!

The whole weekend started with classes all day Friday, for me at least. The event actually started on Thursday but Katie has a literature competition at school that night so we drove down on Friday AM. Katie's school got second place in her competition!! She really carried her team the entire time so it was cool to see how well she knew her stuff.

Xaver and Matt and I got up at the crack of dawn to get down there in time–the drive was supposed to be 1.5 hours – 3.5 hours in traffic so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was crazy! I don't know how people commute to OC every day but they must love their job or something.

My first class was with Elizabeth Kartchner. She is really sweet. It was fun watching Anne blush about meeting her! LOL We used Shimmerz sprays in the class which was fun–never tried those before. They are pretty comparable to Glimmer Mist in my opinion — we even used Tattered Angels' Glimmer Screens with the Shimmerz. I was really pleased to walk away with a finished book. The rest of the time I did not 100% finish because I was tired I think!

Here's what we created:

That bag is what our goodie bag was, filled with goodies! Pretty cute little handmade tote, huh? I think I'll keep it ;) Here's more of the book:

We used lots of American Crafts and Dear Lizzy papers. The theme of the weekend was definitely rolled flowers–4 of the instructors used them in their classes! We used canvas paper in Liz's class to make the flowers. And I was glad to finally try a Maya Road canvas album–tip, the canvas shrinks when it dries if you spray mist on it. I am thinking an iron may flatten it out a little.

My next class was with Danielle Flanders — love seeing her stuff on scrapbook.com and in mags. The project we made featured lots of Jenni Bowlin. The best part of the class was learning to make these fabulous ribbon roses:

I could only find the cover of the book in my stuff–hope I didn't lose the whole kit!!

After that we had a break (most of us did) — I had to rush off with Xaver to get some food and set up for Isle Carnival. I just couldn't resisting working just a little this weekend ;) We ended up at Wahoo's Fish Tacos at Fashion Island. For me, Fashion Island was an experience–supreme people-watching opportunities abound. I was really waiting to see one of the Real Housewives pop around a corner!!

Isle Carnival was awesome. My embellie bar was a HIT! Wish I had gotten more pics myself. I got zero — all the pics you see here were generously taken and shared by my friends. My camera is kind of dying so I am looking for a new one.

Nan took this fun pic of us towards the end of the night — my booth was looking a little empty (which is a good thing!!). I met so many nice people, saw lots of friends, sold lots of Hippo goodness, and even got to do some of the make n takes!!

I got asked by Maggie Holmes about all my displays and wire tiered thingies (don't know if these have a name or not) –they are all from Target in the last couple years. I am thinking you all might want to know about them too. Around February they put out all the Easter and Spring stuff and usually they have these out–this year they did not but hopefully they will again soon!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped make the event a success. Tammy I and Jenny G. were also there, helping me make my booth cute. Thanks for your help!!

Exhausted, Xaver and I went to our hotel and crashed out that night. Up early the next day for 3 classes in a row. I was already exhausted at this point but hey, I wasn't gonna miss a thing!

I was the first person in Maggie Holmes' class. She is really nice and just made us all feel really comfortable. I really liked how she told us stories about her life and kids and things she shared in her book. Being a Bind It All disciple, I had to break out the Bind It All (courtesy of Nan) to bind my book — Maggie asked what I was doing as I tried to be all incognito in the back of the class–I'm sorry I can't help it!! I don't like rings anymore! LOL

Here's the fun little book we made, 80% complete, plus all the loot I had leftover:

We used Maya Mists in the class and did some painting. I do have to say I wish the mini book instructors spent more time explaining why and how they did some of the techniques (especially the “why”, like what was the point of putting paint on page 2? etc) but let's face it, we were all really there for their names and designs, not so much cuz we wanted a technical lesson. At least, that is why I was there; to check out their “game” —hehehe. That's not to say they did not explain some things, maybe 1-3 different techniques in detail, in each class but I just wanted more. And I know that is ME, and I am in no way saying I did not have a good time!! Okay!! lol I guess I am one of those bad students that wants more more more … hehehe.

After Maggie's class was had Debee Campos. This was Debee's first class. Sometimes I wonder why event organizers throw these people into the lion's den at events like this–it is hard enough to be teaching for the first time but then to try to teach to 30 exhausted ladies at one time….kinda crazy! It ain't easy! LOL Debee actually did pretty well (if she had not told us it was her first class we would not have known) and we had some sewing snafus but as someone who has tried to teach machine sewing in my classes, sometimes the sewing machine just goes on strike! LOL It is not anything we could not do at home or with a pen and I plan to add more stitching once I finish. The base of the book was a mini book kit that Debee designed for MAMBI. I am going to take it apart and use it for layouts I think–the scalloped papers that come in the kit (we had loads of extras) were perfect for layouts and I can't wait to start playing! No finished project here but another pile of loot:

Debee also had us use spray paint on our book. That's one of the things I was hoping to get out of this event-trying stuff I have never tried on my own. It was very artsy and out of the box for most of us I think so that was really cool. I was pretty inspired by the project ;) And Debee is just super sweet!

Our final class of the day was with Katie Watson. I was pretty dead by the time this class came so I honestly did alot of talking and little work. Basically I am going to turn it into a banner since I have the rest of the paper we needed here at home. We did try the new Maya Road resist medium which was pretty cool–I have some interesting ideas on how to use it. We also did more rolled flowers and I really liked how Katie included some step out photos in her instructions for the more difficult techniques. I don't have a finished project but here is my pile of loot:

I went to dinner with Nan and my family. It was yummy at El Torito Grill but was crazy on a Saturday night! LOL Later that night we had a bonfire at the Dunes. I spent alot of time with Debee Campos and Shetara — so fun to talk with them both! I stayed all night until the end of the crop, talking nonsense really all night since I was totally exhausted. I have a feeling I may embarrased myself or was talking really loud but whatever! Nothing I can do about it now, huh? Need to make sure I get enough sleep when I go to this kind of stuff ;)

I contemplated not going to class on Sunday morning cuz I was a complete zombie but I can't miss anything so I dragged myself out of bed and off to Kelly Goree's class. Kelly was really a breath of fresh air! Not that the other designers are not good, but Kelly has a very professional presentation for her class, told us about herself, and made sure we got alot done in class. Now she did have a plane to catch so we were a little rushed but I pretty much finished everything so that was great! She had lots of little tips, walked around the room to check on us, and was just a fabulous instructor on top of being a great designer. I feel like I learned alot of little things and that was cool. Kelly Goree's bag of loot plus some of my layouts from her class:

Last class of the day was Kelly Purkey–she is great! So down to earth and nice, she came and chatted with all of us. She explained some of the stuff on her layouts and then we just kind of casually completed them. She also had lots of products for us which was really nice! I had to leave early to pick up Katie from Girl Scouts but I had fun and feel like I got alot done. A pile of loot under some layouts from Kelly Purkey's class:

Probably the best part of the weekend was all the time I got to spend with friends — catching up, hanging out, and making new ones ;) Here's a few snapshots from the weekend:

I had a blast with Elena, Tricia, PJ, Nan, Tran, Anne, Shetara, all the girls from Remember When, Erin, Nan's friends, Victoria, Cheryl, Bea, Jenn K …so many great people!! Sorry if I left anyone out–the whole thing is a BLUR, a really super fun blur!

I am on the fence about doing it again next year as an attendee just because of the cost. All told, the weekend cost:

  • $400 on food, gas, parking
  • $215 hotel (I stayed off-site at another hotel)
  • $459 attendance fee
  • $60 shopping

I went into it knowing it would cost about $1000. It cost a little more cuz I had the family with me and while I was taking classes, he was out spending money (arrggh!) but it was fun and a nice time for him and Matt to get away too. I can't say for sure that I got $1000 or even $500 in product (I am not so good with knowing what everything really costs these days) but the time spent with friends, getting to know the instructors, and just being a “customer” was invaluable ;) I just wanted to share the “real” expense in this in case you are considering going at some point. I went on the payment plan offered by Scrapbook Oasis and that really made it easier to spread it out like that.

There were fun little touches that made us feel special and that was really nice too. Look how cute they made the embellie bags in the kits:


Anyways, I am thinking I like being a customer *sometimes* so I am looking for another event to attend soon. Perhaps Inspiration Unlimited if there is space. We shall see. As far Isle Carnival, I am in whenever they do it again–that was a total blast and for only $25, really worth it as an attendee. Reflections was cool but I need to workout before I go again–I just can't hang with all those classes! I am pooped! LOL

Tomorrow I'll post the winner of the tammy i/ Hydrangea Hippo giveaway!!

Happy Scrapping!

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It started with jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery, and cross-stitch. Marry that to an entrepreneurial spirit & at 9 years old a girl is selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. These days, Jennifer enjoys crafts of all genres from sewing to scrapbooking to jewelry with a little dabbling in the mixed media world. Her style is approachable and she wants everyone who sees her work to feel that they too can embrace creativity and make their home and life beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for sharing…I reallly wanted to go but even if I stayed home and attended the classes it would $459, which is more than I could afford for three fab days of classes!! I feel like I was with you in spirit!!

    Posted on May 5, 2010 at 5:57 pm