Frozen is still HUGE!!!! Last month our Girl Scout troop put on a Frozen themed event for the younger troops in the area. Being that retro crafts are in, the girls developed an updated Pet Rocks project – Pet Olafs! Our good friends at ilovetocreate generously sponsored this make n take with Tulip paints, which we totally love!!

Girl-Scouts-FROZEN-Event-JULY-2014-crowns-4 Girl-Scouts-FROZEN-Event-JULY-2014-crowns-3

Aren't those guys fun??? Yeah, some girls went “off script” but they had a great time creating and getting painty.



Here's the supplies you need to make these:

Here's how we made them:

1. Paint the rock any color, as desired, using the Tulip Soft paints and brushes. Olaf is white but you can paint him any color you want. These Tulip Soft Fabric Paints dry quickly and have a wonderful soft, smooth texture that makes them easy for kids to paint with.

2. Using hot glue, add googly eyes to the Olaf.

3. If you want your Pet Olaf to have hair, bend a chenille stem into a hair shape and hot glue to the top. 

4. To make a carrot nose, coil a chenille stem into a spiral shape and then glue to the rock. Or use a pom pom, again securing with hot glue.

5. Bend brown chenille stems into arms and glue them to Olaf.

Now you're ready to party with your Pet Rock!! Make sure you don't overfeed it and that you don't out it in the sun (Olaf likes the summer but he doesn't know that he'll melt so you gotta watch out for his safety).

A big thank you from our troop to for sponsoring this project!!


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