2014-12 12 Days of Giving
12 Days of Giving – craft tutorials, and designer interviews during December 2014

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giving!! I'm so excited that I got to chat with my friend Marisa Pawelko via Google Hangout!!! You might know Marisa as the Modern Surrealist – an author, crafter, creator, designer, and spokesperson who has worked with brands like Duck Brand, Westcott, and Brother. I've linked to all of her sites here and included some affiliate links to her products to help you find out more about Marisa super easily and I share a few duck tape gift bags I created, inspired by Marisa (there's a video showing how to make them at the end of this post). Watch us dish on creativity, Duck Tape, her book “Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects”, and more in our Google Hangout:

Isn't she awesome? I am so happy to have spent this time sharing about Marisa with you. You can find “Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects” on Amazon and at your local craft stores, like Hobby Lobby (I've seen it on the rack there and at Barnes & Noble). Find out more about Marisa here:

Marisa gifted me with a copy of her book when it came out and I was so surprised to see all the things you can really do with Duck Tape. A few weeks ago, I created some duct tape gifts bags and bows for a hop I was on and I loved the result so much that I created three more versions of the bags and one more gift bow to share here with you today:

2014-12 Duck Tape Gift Bag with Christmas Tree by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo 3
Upcycle a paper takeout bag into a holiday gift bag with Duck Brand Tape – Jennifer Priest shares how!
2014-12 Duck Tape Gift Bag with Christmas Tree by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo 7
Inspired by Marisa Pawelko's “Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects” book, turn a T Mobile bag into a holiday gift bag with Duck Tape.
2014-12 Duck Tape Gift Bag with Christmas Tree by Jennifer Priest of hydrangeahippo
Create shapes from Duck Tape with a non stick Westcott Craft Knife – great for decorating upcycled gift bags!
Duck Tape Bow - 2
A multi-color Duck Tape gift bow – the tutorial video is in this blog post!

 Here's a video I made of that process – it's super easy to do!!

Here are the supplies you'll need to make these gift bags:



Author: Jennifer Priest

It started with jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery, and cross-stitch. Marry that to an entrepreneurial spirit & at 9 years old a girl is selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. These days, Jennifer enjoys crafts of all genres from sewing to scrapbooking to jewelry with a little dabbling in the mixed media world. Her style is approachable and she wants everyone who sees her work to feel that they too can embrace creativity and make their home and life beautiful.

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