Beets, sage, or yerba mate are just a few of the most valuable vegetables and plants that have proven their miraculous effects on the mind, spirit, and body. They can easily boost brain power by stimulating more blood flow into the brain, helping with our thinking and decision-making processes in all fields of life. If you are a passionate gardener or you enjoy consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day, you should know which are a few of the most important benefits of healthy, your conscious choices – or why should you start making them.

Beets Boost The Brain's Blood Flow

Do you ever feel fatigued, drenched of any ounce of energy, and all you want to do is lie down and go to sleep, even if it's 6p.m. and you still need to prepare supper? According to researchers from the Wake Forest University, beets is one of the best examples of food that have the power to improve the blood blow in the brain. This occurs thanks to the existence of the nitrates in beets which are responsible for improving mental performance.

  • If you do not particularly enjoy beets, but you do not the extra boost of energy when working on your advertising campaign for the brand you are promoting as part of your personal, home project, you can simply roast them and drizzle some honey dressing on top so you can create an excellent side dish you can eat a few times a week.

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Sage Improves Cognitive Functions

According to a study completed that was published in the Pharmacological Biochemical Behavior magazine, young adults who consume sage-oil extract score higher in cognitive tests compared to study subjects who have been administered placebo medication. Sage contains essential compounds that have been proven to be able to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is the main neurotransmitter that is involved in our learning and memory processes. Creamed onions and sage, sage pork chops, or gnocchi with sage-butter sauce are just a few examples of incredibly delicious foods you could be cooking with sage.

Author: Jennifer Priest

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