A couple of days ago, I was invited with the So Cal Lady Bloggers to sample Islands Restaurants new Summer menu! We were treated to a feast! When I think of Islands, I think “Burgers”. But Islands is Burgers and so much more. Delicious appetizers, sides from around the globe, and scrumptious salads are available as well as a plethora of delectable mixed drinks.

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The Poke dish was scrumptious!!! Full of flavor and healthy to boot – this is nothing I expected.

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This happy little number is the I-Shandy – perfect for a hot summer day, relaxing with friends!

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This Wiqui Waqui Salad was barbecue chicken on another level – delicious and filling!

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These are the Heat Wave burgers, Islands' new signature burger for the summer. When they say “heat”, they aren't kidding. I had a lettuce wrapped version of this due to me being gluten-free and I took another burger home to Xaver. After scraping off nearly all of the chilies, we were still unable to tolerate eating it. The flavor was good but the heat was way too much.

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One of the things I was really surprised about is how accommodating Islands was to my gluten-free requests. The staff knew which items had gluten and which did not and they were so gracious in offering to lettuce wrap my burger:

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Then they brought out these ice cream based mixed drinks to take the heat away! Delish!

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My fave was the Coco Coolada Shake … but I'd love an Irish Shake too!! Both were delicious! I could see me and the girls stopping here after a crop for a little late night fun! Or, even a stop on the way home from the beach with the kids. There's always an Islands near…. Store Locator

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I hope you'll give Islands a try this summer.  Everything was delicious, fresh, and flavorful!
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One thought on “Islands For the Summer – More Than Burgers!

  1. I so want to try that salad with the chicken!!! You are so blessed! What a treat this woiuld be Jennifer and thanks for the chance to win!

    Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:22 am