This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#DropShopAndOil #CollectiveBias Katie has been learning to drive since turning 16 this past December. It's gotten me thinking of all of the driving lessons my friends and family taught me when I was her age. As important as behind-the-wheel safety is, maintaining my car was a big part of my “driver's ed”. We had to know how to take care of a car before we could drive, my dad always said. We learned to change the oil and tires ourselves and do maintenance like clean the battery connectors and engine. It didn't matter that my sister and I were girls – knowledge is power and having a well-maintained car meant a safer driving experience all the way around.  When I went into the Army at 18, I was stunned by how many fellow soldiers had no idea they even had to change their oil. My roommate blew up the engine of her first brand new car because she had no idea she had to change her oil or that changing oil even existed as a “thing” you had to do. At 14,000 miles, the car just stopped working yet she still had 5 years of payments to make on it! Another fellow soldier bought his first car, used, as that was all he could afford, and blew up the engine by not changing the oil. I could not believe that parents sent their kids out into the world knowing only half of what they needed to know to be safe on the road – they had missed the entire lesson on car maintenance! Back then, you either got messy by changing your own oil or waited hours and hours to have a shop or the dealer do it. Thanks goodness these days car maintenance is easy with Walmart's Automotive Care Center.

Katie driving to Walmart Autmotive Care Center for Pennzoil Oil Change
Katie driving to the Walmart Automotive Care Center for Pennzoil Oil Change. It's so convenient to drive up, drop the car off, and enter the store from this back entrance to do my shopping.

When we were teens, my parents had my sister and I change the oil on the 5 family cars. If we wanted to drive, changing the oil was part of the deal. From our big truck for the horse trailer to my mom's commuter car, my sister and I did it all. Sometimes we could do it ourselves but being short (we're both 5'2″), we needed to work together on the bigger vehicles, like our 66 Ford Truck. One time, my sister was unscrewing the oil filter from the top of the truck engine and I was laying under the truck, draining the oil. She was supposed to hand the filter down to me so I could set it in the oil pan to drain, but instead she dropped it on my head!!! It took 3 days for me to completely wash all of the oil from my hair. When I went away to the Army, my dad used to say he knew how to change the oil but he could now afford to take his car to the shop rather than changing the oil himself – this was before we had a Walmart in our area. Thank goodness that these days oil changes at Walmart's Automotive Care Center are quick and affordable. No more oil in my hair for me! Sure, I know how to change the oil, but now I make much better use of my time by going to Walmart's Autmotive Care Center for oil changes.

Katie sitting ont he back to the "Old Truck", our 66 Ford, a few years. MY grandfather drove this truck from Arizona to California with their family of 6 inside. My dad, my sister, and I learned to drive in it, and now, Katie will learn to drive in it. The key to keep it running strong - regular oil changes with Pennzoil!
Katie sitting on the back of the “Old Truck”, our '66 Ford, a few years ago. My grandfather drove this truck from Arizona to California with their family of 6 inside when they moved here in the 1960s. My dad, my sister, and I learned to drive in it, and now, Katie will learn to drive in it. The key to keeping it running strong: regular oil changes with Pennzoil!

Getting your oil changed with Pennzoil {oil that helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind} at Walmart, while checking other items off of your shopping list at the same time is the smart way to go. I love getting my shopping done at the same time as having my oil changed with quality Pennzoil products at Walmart. I don't need to arrange a ride home while my car is serviced – I can shop for groceries, eat lunch at the Subway restaurant inside the store, and even get a haircut for Matthew, all in the same building as my car is being serviced in. Walmart is adding Department Managers to Automotive Care Centers around the nation to provide some extra TLC to your experience, as well as your car!  This extra step helps me to know my car is in good hands. The Mangers are super helpful and ready to answer questions as well as attend to the needs of your car while working closely with their staff. 

The staff is really nice. They take time to clean the windows and make sure your car is taken care of during the oil change.
The staff is really nice. They take time to clean the windows and make sure your car is taken care of during the oil change.

So why Pennzoil? Pennzoil is designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra of 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine – no other motor oil provides better protection from friction than Pennzoil. Since my car has over 200,000 miles, I choose Pennzoil's High Mileage Vehicle formula because it helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines, like mine. It's a motor oil that is specifically designed for new or late-model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time. As a result of choosing the right Pennzoil formula for my cars over their lifetime, I have been able to keep my cars running better, longer. This Rav4 is the 3rd vehicle that I have driven well past 200K miles. My first car, a Corolla, operated exclusively on Pennzoil oil since the day I bought it. When I traded it in for a new car, it was still going strong at 283,000 miles!!!

215K miles on my current car, thanks to regular Pennzoil oil changes!
215K miles on my current car, thanks to regular Pennzoil oil changes! 200,000 of those miles are craft related trips. No kidding!!

I get peace of mind by maintaining my car well by using services like Walmart's Automotive Care Center, but Pennzoil offers an additional free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction. For more information about the warranty, check out the Pennzoil Warranty Site. The holidays are over, and it's time to start the new year by showing your car some much-deserved love! By maintaining my car with regular Pennzoil oil changes, I am confident whenever I go out for a drive, be it to the local craft shop to get more supplies, on a road trip from California to Texas on a teaching trip, or even to Disneyland with friends, like I just did with my friend Jen Cushman and her family. And if you're the mom of a newly-driving teen, like me, you'll love the extra peace of mind you'll have by having your teen drive in a well-maintained car protected by Pennzoil. Shopping while getting your oil changed AND peace of mind? If there was such a thing as a WIN-WIN-WIN, this would be it! Check out more about Pennzoil oil changes at Walmart here. What do you do to keep your car in tip-top shape?


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