I already told you about this crazy 80s prom held at SNAP – again, where am I gonna find plus size stuffs from the 1980s? Here's some more fun 80s accessories that you can make – over the top and one-size-fits-all. Yeah, baby, like, gag me with a spoon!


I made a giant duct tape bow to go on this headband but you can make a pretty flower or some other focal item for it. I picked up sequin headbands from the $1 spot at Jo-Ann's – they were kinda small for an adult head so I sewed two of them together. Then I added my bow with hot glue. To make it even more “dayglo”, I added glow in dark Tulip Fabric Paint to the duct tape pattern. After letting it dry overnight, it completed my totally ridiculous 1980s flashback look. Disclosure: Like, there are totally affiliate links in this post. Like, for real, just click and buy some stuff and I'll make some killer dough, man. Thanks peeps!

Check out how I made this FAB hairbow headband:

That blue eyeshadow I got on clearance was so handy! I kinda look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show

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At least my marginally 80s and seriously questionable clothing choices were in good company:

misc ph pics end of April 2014 321

Katie made the duct tape belt for me – but I couldn't figure out how to hook it together so I just wrapped it around my neck. She'll post a tutorial for that soon – she used Marisa Pawelko's Crazy-Cool Duct Tape Projects Book to get the basic idea down and then she went to town. You can get the book here on Amazon:

Crazy-Cool Duct Tape Projects: Fun and Funky Projects for Fashion and Flair

Yeah, I did the side pony.


So about that shirt – Katie did several stints in the Westcott booth at CHA and learned how to make a rocker t-shirt armed only with a pair of scissors. We figured I needed some studs so she used Tulip's Beads in a Bottle Multi-Pack Paints – 4pk to add faux studs to the shoulders to look like shoulder pads. It was pretty radical, dude. And it all worked out since I wear a 3x and Jo-Ann only had XLs – that's one way to skin a sausage! She also used some excess t-shirt material to make a neon yellow bracelet for me. And then I topped it all off with my ICE Resin 80s neon necklace. I wore black jeans from my stash and just some mary jane shoes – once we're below the knee, I am all about comfort. Nothing to see there …  though Alexa had some fabulous Flashdance-style kicks — vintage Reebok high tops! You can find a similar pair here at Cents of Style: Afton Gold Muted Sneakers


So there you have it. How to dress for a 1980s prom, especially if you are plus size. It's a bonus that this entire outfit cost me under $20!!! Wanna get retro? Check out these supplies on Amazon:



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