Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameOnTheGo #CollectiveBias All of the boys in my family are OBSESSED with Minecraft.  My son Matthew and my two nephews could play it all day long and often DO! The problem is that when Matthew plays Minecraft at their house, everything he builds and creates in the game stays on their computer. When the boys come over to play Minecraft at our house, everything stays on our computer. The boys (age 8, 10, 15) spend hours building something and then can't access it again until they go to each other's houses. Sometimes I'll hear Matthew exclaim in frustration because he built something “really cool” that now he can't use in the game because it is on someone else's computer. Gameband Minecraft™ changes all of that by creating a portable Minecraft experience!

2014-12 Gameband for Minecraft in Target EDIT

We went to our local Target and found the Gameband Minecraft™, by Now Computing associated with Minecraft, in the Mobile Gaming aisle of the Books & Computer Software section of the store, between the Magazine and Video Gaming sections. Gameband Minecraft™ is the hot gift item for this year for Minecraft Gamers so we were super excited to find them in the store!! Once we got home, we opened the box and charged the Gameband Minecraft™, according to the directions inside the box. Here's a peek at how the Gameband Minecraft™ comes packaged and what it looks like on an adult:

Matthew was so incredibly excited to get the Gameband Minecraft™ and take it for a test spin! Let's imagine that the kids are coming over for a visit and they want to play Minecraft together. Here's how:

  • Plug the Gameband Minecraft™ into the USB port of the computer.
  • The Gameband Minecraft™ autorun menu will display on your computer and you can select to start playing Minecraft.
  • The Gameband Minecraft™ will save your worlds, creations, and game data when you stop playing that session of Minecraft.
  • Unplug the Gameband Minecraft™ from the USB port and snap together around your wrist. 

Now you're ready to go and play!

Minecraft Gameband makes a great Christmas gift - hydrangeahippo 2

Wearing the Gameband Minecraft™, the kids can ring the doorbell and be ready to play as soon as they come in the house. Whether visiting a neighbor, a school friend, or your cousins from across the country, you can enjoy Minecraft anywhere with Gameband Minecraft™.

Minecraft Gameband makes a great Christmas gift - hydrangeahippo

To start to play, unsnap the Gameband from around your wrist. Plug in the Gameband Minecraft™ into any computer, like this little laptop that Matthew uses.

Minecraft Gameband makes a great Christmas gift and is easy to install - hydrangeahippo  

The kids can enjoy hours of fun and know that all of their hard work in the game, from building “mansions” like Matthew loves to do to creating villages like Qamar does, will be saved on the Gameband Minecraft™ for them to use the next time they play Minecraft ANYWHERE!

Minecraft Gameband makes a great Christmas gift fun for all of the kids - hydrangeahippo

The additional functions of the Gameband Minecraft™ are a bonus that moms and teachers will love! The Gameband Minecraft™ displays characters and shapes from the Minecraft game. You can program custom shapes into your Gameband Minecraft™ using the PixelFurnace App. The Gameband Minecraft™ is also pre-loaded with cool maps from Minecrafters like Sethbling, Hypixel and Dragonz.  The Gameband Minecraft™ is also a watch! It looks cool, displays cool graphics, and is a useful every day tool (a watch) that your kids will love to wear. I'm really impressed by the long-lasting hardware of Gameband Minecraft™. Plus, we have peace of mind about the data stored on Gameband Minecraft™ because  the data is backed up to Now Computing's secure, cloud-based servers. If you lose the Gameband Minecraft™, simply contact Now Computing to order a replacement, with all of your data intact. If you have feedback about your experience with Gameband Minecraft™, contact Now Computing. 

Minecraft Gameband makes a great Christmas gift with the built in watch function - hydrangeahippo

Gameband Minecraft™ makes a great gift for the Minecraft fan in your family! Your kid will be the raddest kid on the block with the first true Minecraft wearable on the market: Gameband Minecraft™. Now that we took Gameband Minecraft™ for a test spin, I can't figure out which kid to give this one too. I think a visit to the mobile gaming section in Target in our future  soon…I can totally fit that Gameband box in the boys' Christmas stockings, right? Who would you gift with a Gameband Minecraft™? Tell me in the comments section!

2014-12 12 Days of Giving 

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