Just A Couple…

Just a couple of layouts I did last night and this morning for Scrapbook Boulevard…

These photos are by Shawn of Gypsy Isle Photography, taken this past summer when my inlaws were out here to visit. These B&Ws of Matt and his Grandma I think are just so precious:

I used paper from Kaiser Craft, Prima, and Making Memories. The felt flower clip is from Making Memories as well. I diecut the flourishes from Bazzill with the Revolution and layered them to make a sort of tree or something. They didn't cut write because I was trying to do it one handed (sliced my thumb open on my trimmer yesterday) but I figured I'd just ink them up and use 'em anyways! I found the “Adorable” title in my stash, from My Min'ds Eye.

I did this layout about Katie's birthday–it is so close to Christmas that we need to get creative every year. Well, that is what I thought unitl I researched each of her birthdays to put the info on the page and I realized we've done alot more parties for her than I thought! LOL This year I scored some Cheetah Girls tickets from a friend and Katie still doesn't know. I am going to let her see the layout in the store a few days before we go and let her ponder what it says for birthday #10.

I used paper from American Crafts for the background, cut the number blocks from a Making Memories paper, and cut the ornaments from Little Yellow Bicycle/Sharon Ann/DeJaViews Paper. The title is cut from a shiny red metallic paper I had in my stash. The red borders were scraps leftover from the two “Be Jolly” classes I taught.

I'm trying to use more Quickutz too–used it on both pages. Not just because there is a contest to use their “Decks The Halls” die releases but also because using QK uses more paper and I need to start using the big stash I have. WhoGAS will likely do a “No Spending Challenge” come Jan 1 so I am getting myself in gear for that.

And a I'm also sharing a little sneak peek of a mini book I also designed for Scrapbook Boulevard using the new American Crafts mini albums for under $5.

I am keeping this one “secret” because I am so happy with the way that it turned out that I am going to try submitting it to a few mags. In all my spare time. I cut the robot from QK Adhesive Vinyl. I have to share my adventure with THAT and with getting these stickers to stick to a slick surface on another day.

I used papers and rubons from Kaiser Craft, buttons and the album and alpha stickers are all American Crafts, QK vinyl in black, Lil Davis Ribbon, and the brads and gears are from Magic Scraps I think.

And speaking of spare time, I am “officially” on vacation. Really I am just catching up on things. I used to scoff at people who would lose track of things, didn't send stuff on time, never answered their emails, paid their bills late…what is the big deal? Just get organized already!

But now, I GET IT.

I get how at some point you can get so overwhelmed from just going going going going going going going going going going going that you don't even know where to start, where to end, when to take a break. I find myself walking from room to room doing half of a job and then going into another room, getting distracted and putting something in a pile (I NEVER do piles but in the last 6 months that is what I have started doing).

I am seriously on the verge of tears at how overwhelming everything has gotten. Honestly, I did start to cry this morning but then I realized that I got myself into this, I can get myself out. Just take it ONE LITTLE THING AT A TIME. Just “suck it up and drive on”, as they say in the Army. How fitting I had this crazy dream that I was back in the Army last night! LOL

So today, despite the mountain of stuff I need to do all over the house and in my scrap room I set out to complete just a few tasks.

Clean out the Medicine Drawer. DONE

Clean bedroom. Almost done.

Pay Bills. DONE

Cleaned off part of Xaver's desk which had turned into a clothes folding table. DONE all that I can do on that! LOL

Cleaned off my desk. DONE

Call Court because I forgot to go to Traffic School on time. DONE

Get stuff to etsy and other customers who have been patiently waiting on me. Working on it.

Deal with Girl Scout Patch Issue. DONE and will pick them up this afternoon when I go to a Dr. Appt.

Finish designing my Silhouette “Out of the Box” class. Still rolling the idea around in my head.

So that is pretty good. Since I woke up at 8am the day is only really half way over and I got half my things done and am on the way to completing the rest.

So now to peel myself away from the computer and FaceBook and Scrapbook.com and my blogroll and my emails (all of which I really do just love to check every waking second of my day) and get to work while Matt is still sleeping. And when he wakes up, we will go to the park. Because all work and no play is just making me frazzled.

Author: Jennifer Priest

It started with jewelry, beading, sewing, home decor, painting, basket weaving, pottery, and cross-stitch. Marry that to an entrepreneurial spirit & at 9 years old a girl is selling her wares at craft fairs as far as her parents and grandparents would drive her. These days, Jennifer enjoys crafts of all genres from sewing to scrapbooking to jewelry with a little dabbling in the mixed media world. Her style is approachable and she wants everyone who sees her work to feel that they too can embrace creativity and make their home and life beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “Just A Couple…

  1. Oh dear, you do sound a bit overwhelmed! :( Good to make a list and start ticking off the done stuff though – because then you know you are making a dent in it all… which is kinda hard to see sometimes because of the sheer volume on the To Do list!!

    Posted on December 11, 2008 at 2:07 pm
  2. You are always so busy! I couldn’t keep up with you! Good luck on that layout submission…..hope it gets pubbed!!

    Posted on December 11, 2008 at 11:16 pm
  3. Jennifer. you can do it. Nothing about you is short of amazing… go girl!

    Posted on December 14, 2008 at 6:07 pm