DIY Mickey Head Party Decor

In March we had this great challenge with Smoothfoam Half Balls and it inspired me to think of a few more things I could create with these bowl shaped half balls. My son recently had a Disney themed birthday party and I knew that mouse-head shaped decorations were going to be a cornerstone of giving the part the perfect Disney feeling. As a crafter, I like to round out the assortment of store-bought party decor with some handmade, over the top decor. I knew the Smoothfoam Half Balls were going to be well suited to the task of creating a giant Mickey head to welcome guests to our front door!

Mickey-Head-Door-Decor-Jennifer-Priest-Smoothfoam-WM 2

This project takes about 30 minutes to complete. Here is a how-to video of how I pieced together the Smoothfoam Half Balls to create a mouse head shape.

After creating this base, I applied Elmer’s Spray Adhesive to the head shape in sections. I recommend using spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area and placing the item inside of a box or on a tarp to project other surfaces from the adhesive.

The spray adhesive dries quickly, so working in sections, I sprayed the adhesive and then sprinkled black glitter directly onto the adhesive. I continued until the enstire ball was covered with glitter.

Using a craft knife, I cut a small notch on the inside of the 12″ Smoothfoam Half Ball, between the “ears”. I then slid the end of a wreath hanger into the notch to securely hold the head in place on my front door.


View my post about the birthday party here:

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Ikea Craft Rooms – 8 Organizing Ideas

I love me some Ikea and over the years have used Ikea as a go-to place to get storage solutions for my craft room. Check them out here:

I gathered a few of my favorite rooms from around the interwebs that use Ikea furniture and storage as the main component of their space.

1. My Blue Bike 101′s space

I love love love the big glass work table she has in the center of the room. And the open glass shelves of the armoire – so pretty! My Blue Bike 101′s Room

2. Scrapology’s Ikea Based Room

I like how she has set up stations for her various tools and activities. I also love those drawer units – I have them too! Scrapology’s room

3. Darlene’s Room

I love the dark wood and big open space in Darlene’s room but I know this is not really attainable for alot of people. However, I do like the idea of the height of her tables and the way she has that rolling cart positioned by her space. Darlene’s room

4. A Sewing and Scrap Room Combo

Hooked on Applique has alot of great storage but I do wish she had more workspace. However, another vote for those shallow ALEX Ikea drawer units!

5. tammyi’s Raskog Cart

These Raskog carts are HOT in the craft world. Originally for the kitchen, they work great for craft supplies. I got mine after I saw that my friend Tammy had gotten one. Her’s is REALLY well organized. Here is what she says about it: “I did a little re-organizing for my #ikea #raskog #cart I love the little clear cups from Ikea to add to the sides for extra organizing. I  organizing!”


6. Computer Cabinet to Craft Cabinet

Town and Country Living shares how to turn an Ikea computer cabinet into a shabby chic crafting heaven! Man this is gorgeous!


7. Ultimate Ikea Craft Room

DIY Inspired’s Craft Room is so Ikea-licious, they should be featuring her space in their catalog! Check out the plethora of Ikea based ideas for your craft space in her room tour here:


8.  Customize Your Decor With Ikea

We all have ltitle things to organize, like pens and paint brushes. This idea features Ikea plant pots and a few different ideas for customizing them to your own decor style:


Have you decorated or organized your crafty space with Ikea furniture and accessoires? Please tell me how and  share links to your photos in the comments section! You might just be featured in my next roundup ;)

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Recycled Crafts Roundup

Earth Day is today, April 22nd! I love recycling and upcycling. Besides the feel good feelings of creating something with your hands, there is the added bonus of keeping something out of a landfill and making it useful again by giving it a new life and new use.

1. Fun Craft Roundup with Tanner

Tanner walks us through a roundup of recycled crafts that Courtney Chambers created for their blog. Super fun ideas and great for kids and teens! I love the Pringles bowling game…


 2. Half Gallon Boats

This is a perfect craft for a hot summer day with the kids. I know Matthew is gonna want to make this AND it is a great way to use up all of those half galloon Milk and OJ containers we generate each month.


3. DIY Knitting Loom

This is such a cool idea and project from Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied! It is recycled and really cool – I can’t wait to make one!


4. Baby Jar Vase

This is a really cool way to reuse any kind of glassware, from jars to test tubes, from a site all about upcycling!

Check out How to Make a Starburst Mirror With Silverware by Jennifer Priest on Snapguide.

5. Silverware Starburst Mirror

You might recall this from my blog and “Flea Market Finds” class. I just love how this mirror came out and it was so cheap to make!

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Super Bright LEDs DIY Lighting Project with GE Energy Smart LED Bulbs

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

Have you ever been frustrated by low light in parts of your home? Wondered how to get soft, bright light without lots of heat or using tons of power? I started researching lighting solutions and found out about super bright LEDs and how LED power can help solve the frustrating lighting problems I had. Today I am sharing a DIY Lighting project created around the concept of converting your home to LED bulbs.


Doing all this research, I learned about a new way to light: GE Energy Smart LED bulbs. They have a great shape, like traditional incandescent bulbs, but 1 LED bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus an LED bulb uses 80% less energy than traditional incandescents! Oh, what a relief, especially in the summer here in the desert when my energy costs skyrocket with air conditioner use. Between tabletop lights and ceiling fixtures, we have 56 light bulbs in our house (OMG I had no idea it was that many until I counted them all!) and if I changed them all to LED bulbs, I would be saving $229.59 on electricity costs per year! That’s almost $3500 over the life of the bulbs!

Check out how much energy switching to LED bulbs can save you with this handy dandy energy consumption calculator

How much can you save?

Learn more about LED lighting.

We’ve been remaking our family room after 6 years in this house. We bought it as repo and have been slowly repairing and updating the things left in disrepair by the previous homeowners. It’s been a huge DIY project but it has been rewarding to remake everything in our own way. One of the biggest challenges in this house was a lack of lighting when we moved in – they literally removed almost every single light fixture from the house when they left and there weren’t very many to begin with. The family room was especially dark, even after we installed a ceiling fan with a light.


I like to craft small projects while watching TV and the light is so dim that I often have to bring in a table top light on an extension cord, which is a big production, or leave the kitchen lights on, which just sucks lots of energy and they are too far away to make much of a difference. I tried a table lamp and it wasn’t enough light.  The corner of the family room would be a great place to put a ceiling light but ceiling fixtures are so expensive, difficult to wire, and then, what if we didn’t like a wired light fixture there after we installed it?

Argh, what a challenge! I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and kept being drawn to ball-shaped fixtures hung from the ceiling. I needed something bright, beautiful, and practical.

I decided to create a light fixture that was mix of these two ideas:



  • GE Energy Smart LED Light Bulbs from Target x3
  • Plug-in Hanging Light Fixture
  • 16 Gauge Galvanized Wire
  • 9 Gauge Multi-purpose Galvanized Utility Wire
  • Metallic Spray Paint in Metallic Gold
  • MAP gas or Propane Torch (Optional)
  • Flux (Optional)
  • Solder (Optional)
  • Wire Cutters or Bolt Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Metal File
  • Wire Brushes


1. With bolt cutters or wire cutters, cut 3 equal lengths of 16 Gauge Galvanized wire per wire ball light you plan to make. For the smallest ball, we cut 3 pieces each of 36″ of wire, the middle ball used wire pieces 50″ long and the largest ball used wire pieces 68″ long.

2. Use a metal file to file the ends of the wire flat.

3. Bend the pieces of wire into circle, hoop shapes.

4. Clean the ends of the wire with fine grit sand paper. Then paint each end with flux.

5. Bend the each wire so the two ends meet. Heat in the MAP gas torch and melt the solder to cover the joint. Allow to cool.

6. If the solder doesn’t hold, clean the end of each wire with the sand paper and a wire brush to remove any fire scale. Then repeat the process.

7. Reinforce the soldering by wrapping the joints with the 9 Gauge Galvanized Wire. If you don’t have a torch, you can skip soldering and just wrap the hoops like this.

8. Wire the 3 hoops together at the joints with the 9 Gauge Galvanized Wire.

9. Wrap the 9 Gauge Galvanized Wire across each section made by the hoops, at least 5 times. For a fuller ball, wrap more wire across each section.

10. Paint the balls with Metallic Spray Paint in Metallic Gold. Be sure to get the inside of the ball as well as the outside.

11. Hang the plug-in fixtures from the ceiling using the hooks.

12. Thread the wire balls onto each light fixture and secure in place on the fixture.

13. Thread a GE Energy Smart LED light bulb into each light fixture.

14. Plug in the lights and enjoy!


Here’s a closeup of one ball:


Ready to change over to LED lighting in your home?

Find these GE Energy Smart LED bulbs in the Home Improvement aisle of your local @Target store or on the endcap at the end of the aisle:

Use these handy coupons to get a deal on GE’s Energy Smart LED bulbs at your local Target:

  • On the GE website, $1 off
  • $2 off LED coupon on
  • LED bulbs will be featured in Target’s circular April 27 – May 3  with a Buy 1, get 1 Free on 60W LED
  • Target’s Cartwheel App – 30% off Soft White LED this week 
  • Target’s Cartwheel App – April 27 – May 3 get 10% off (and can be combined with circular offer)

Don’t forget to also check the Target Cartwheel app for coupons for these GE Energy Smart LED bulbs.

For more evergy tips and lighting ideas, follow @GELighting online here:

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! What lighting challenges do you have that LED bulbs from @GELighting could solve?

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Power Scrapbooking Class – A NEW Class at Collective Journey

Join me for a night of scrapbooking fun!

After years of developing and teaching scrapbooking classes as well as scrapbooking for myself, I kept running into a common problem – having too many scraps or leftovers to deal with after I was finished with a page. So many people and companies had created tools to help us make pages, like sketches, but no one really dealt with the issue of leftovers. Having all of these scraps and leftoves made the work of making a layout a much longer process than it needed to be because it added on time at the end to put away the “leftovers”. And then, sometime in the future, you were supposed to use your scraps or use up those leftovers. But for most people, that time never came. Instead the leftovers hung over your head like a monkey on your back or you completely forgot about them. Maybe you even just threw them all away in frustration.

Why do we just accept this idea that we have to have leftovers?! I hate putting stuff away!

In this scrapbooking class I will share a set of cutting templates for your paper that yield beautiful, well-designed scrapbook pages and leave no paper scraps to deal with later. It’s a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself! You can reuse the templates I share in class to create similar layouts using completely different paper later. We’ll also have some fun with embellishments like beads, woven trims, and thread cards that will give these pages a unique, homespun feel. Are you ready to get some scrapbooking done? Join me for this class next month!

Power Scrapbooking Class 1

Learn Jennifer’s Power Scrapbooking technique, which yields gorgeous scrapbooking pages with no scraps leftover! This class includes a set of cutting templates to help you make the most of your paper as well as all the elements needed to create a set of stunning scrapbooking layouts. Use the templates and layout ideas over and over again with various paper to match any theme.

Here are the 5 layouts we will create in the class:

Power-Scrapbooking-Class-1-Layout1-MAY2014  Power-Scrapbooking-Class-1-Layout3-MAY2014
Power-Scrapbooking-Class-1-Layout6-MAY2014 Power-Scrapbooking-Class-1-Layout4-MAY2014 Power-Scrapbooking-Class-1-Layout2-MAY2014

Call Collective Journey at 909-793-2200 to reserver your spot in this class today!

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Did You Scrapbook School Portraits Yet?

The school year is almost over and let’s be honest: those school portraits are still sitting in the envelope they arrived home in last fall! It’s okay. We’re all in the same place – behind on our scrapbooking projects. Did you scrapbook school portraits yet or not?


The end of the school year is fast upon us and it is as good a time as any to catch up on this school year’s memories before you start having summer fun. This mini album is a simple and easy way to get a jump start on those school portraits so you’ll be ready to scrapbook back to school in the fall. These easy techniques for decorating the album cover are great for a  binder style album, like this SN@P album from Simple Stories, or to decorate a photo album.


  • SN@P Binder Style Album by Simple Stories (or photo album)
  • Vintage Book Pages
  • Xyron Sticker Maker (I am using the 5″ wide model)
  • Small Photo Frame, Michael’s $1 Spot (I am using a felt apple shaped frame but you can always find fun shaped frames in the Michael’s Dollar Section)
  • School Themed Stickers, Karen Foster
  • Chalkboard Stickers, Pink Paislee
  • Chalk or Chalk Pencil, Pink Paislee
  • Assorted Ribbon and RicRac
  • Buttons
  • Hot Glue Gun

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Getting Ready for SNAP Conference!

Last fall I decided that 2014 would be the year I go to more conferences. Well, 8-9 months in advance, how can I know what was going to happen? All hell broke loose in my personal life between October and now and well, I am finally coming out of it. For a few moments, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to make it to SNAP, even though I already had my ticket!

Things are finally looking sunny and I am soooo ready for this conference. I am nervous. That is kinda silly, right?! But I guess I am excited. I haven’t been excited about things for a long time.

I am a little stressed about this 80′s prom night. Do I really need a prom dress? I never even went to my prom and it was in the 90′s anyways. I think I am gonna enlist the help of my daughter for this prom dress. And of course, we will video it!

Tonight there is a twitter party #FortheLoveofColor that you can join in on!! I hope to see you there!

•CCX-jab, •MX-jab


Do you go to conferences? Which are your favorites? What are your best tips for someone heading out to a conference?

Come back for more updates and of course, post-SNAP blog posts here!

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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