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How to Dress for a 1980s Prom – a Duct Tape HairBow and More…

I already told you about this crazy 80s prom held at SNAP – again, where am I gonna find plus size stuffs from the 1980s? Here’s some more fun 80s accessories that you can make – over the top and one-size-fits-all. Yeah, baby, like, gag me with a spoon!


I made a giant duct tape bow to go on this headband but you can make a pretty flower or some other focal item for it. I picked up sequin headbands from the $1 spot at Jo-Ann’s – they were kinda small for an adult head so I sewed two of them together. Then I added my bow with hot glue. To make it even more “dayglo”, I added glow in dark Tulip Fabric Paint to the duct tape pattern. After letting it dry overnight, it completed my totally ridiculous 1980s flashback look. Disclosure: Like, there are totally affiliate links in this post. Like, for real, just click and buy some stuff and I’ll make some killer dough, man. Thanks peeps!

Check out how I made this FAB hairbow headband:

That blue eyeshadow I got on clearance was so handy! I kinda look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show

misc ph pics end of April 2014 314

At least my marginally 80s and seriously questionable clothing choices were in good company:

misc ph pics end of April 2014 321

Katie made the duct tape belt for me – but I couldn’t figure out how to hook it together so I just wrapped it around my neck. She’ll post a tutorial for that soon – she used Marisa Pawelko’s Crazy-Cool Duct Tape Projects Book to get the basic idea down and then she went to town. You can get the book here on Amazon:

Crazy-Cool Duct Tape Projects: Fun and Funky Projects for Fashion and Flair

Yeah, I did the side pony.


So about that shirt – Katie did several stints in the Westcott booth at CHA and learned how to make a rocker t-shirt armed only with a pair of scissors. We figured I needed some studs so she used Tulip’s Beads in a Bottle Multi-Pack Paints – 4pk to add faux studs to the shoulders to look like shoulder pads. It was pretty radical, dude. And it all worked out since I wear a 3x and Jo-Ann only had XLs – that’s one way to skin a sausage! She also used some excess t-shirt material to make a neon yellow bracelet for me. And then I topped it all off with my ICE Resin 80s neon necklace. I wore black jeans from my stash and just some mary jane shoes – once we’re below the knee, I am all about comfort. Nothing to see there …  though Alexa had some fabulous Flashdance-style kicks — vintage Reebok high tops! You can find a similar pair here at Cents of Style: Afton Gold Muted Sneakers


So there you have it. How to dress for a 1980s prom, especially if you are plus size. It’s a bonus that this entire outfit cost me under $20!!! Wanna get retro? Check out these supplies on Amazon:

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Things To Do At Night While Camping with Kids

Are you going camping this summer? Looking for activities to keep the boys entertained and excited? I’ve gathered up a few great ideas on things to do at night while camping with kids.


8 Telescoping and other nighttime camping activities:


Telescoping while camping


Nature Scavenger Hunt


Backcountry Jello


Strap a Headlamp to a Jug of Water to Make Ambient Light in the tent – great for telling stories! 


Banana Boats


Learn About and Identify the Constellations


Campfire Oranges


Starry Night Flash Night


Glowstick lanterns


Scavenger hunt - this is so much fun to not just for camping but for hiking too. At night, change the items to things in the tent or that you might see, like stars in the sky, an owl, or a campfire.

Check out this website for even more camp goodness! Do you go camping with kids? What do you do to keep them busy and entertained while learning about the outdoors?

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DIY Party Crowns – Girl Scout Troop Throws a FROZEN Event, Part 1 of 2

Our Girl Scout Troop decided to throw a Frozen themed party for the younger Girl Scout troops in our area here in the High Desert. After the success of my Elsa Crown Tutorial earlier this year, Katie decided to make crowns with Rowlux for this event. These DIY Party Crowns are super easy to make – the secret is to use Rowlux as the base. The Rowlux is not only beautiful, giving the crowns the look of metal and ice, but it also stands up like a crown – lighter than metal but stronger than paper!

 The girls who attended our troop’s “Frozen In July” Party were split into groups and rotated around the room to stations – each station had a different craft or activity for the girls to create or do. Katie led the Frozen crown making station!! The other stations included a Troll Pet Rock Station, Reindeer vs. Snowman Relay Races, Icy Pool Scavenger Hunt, and Olaf Cup Decorating (for Root Beer Floats). 

Girl Scout Frozen Collage

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Resist with PanPastels and Stencils – a StencilGirl Hop

Woot Woot! We are blog hopping today with PanPastel!!!! All this week, check out the StencilGirlTalk blog to see projects, inspiration, and of course, enter to win stencils and goodies to create with. I was sooooo excited to see PanPastels in my latest DT box from StencilGirl. I first used PanPastels in a Donna Downey class a few years back and they were so amazingly fun to work with. For this project, I was inspired by some tips from my friend Jamie Dougherty. Being a papercrafter, I too sometimes get a little scared of things that feel too far out of my box but Jamie said, hey, just do a resist technique with some watermark ink. Like, duh!


EVERY papercrafter has a watermark inkpad, right? And OMG can I just tell you that I am soooooo pleased with how amazing this resist with PanPastels and stencils technique came out?! The color is intense, the resist is working fab, and I found a new thing to do with my watermark inkpad and stencils!! Check it out:

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Give an Old Pot New Life

Since I’ve been redoing my living room (dude this is taking forever! LOL) I’ve wanted to add a plant into the mix. I was going for a tropical, carribbean thing and I knew a palm tree would be perfect! I spotted some palms at Ikea for around $10 and we picked one up. Easy peasy, right? (this post has affiliate links – I make a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. A girl’s gotta eat! Thanks!)

Phone PIcs April 2014 381

I started looking for pots and discovered I would need to spend upwards of $50 to get a pot that was the right size for the palm tree I picked up. In addition, none of the pots I found locally matched my decor in the slightest. Since I had made friends with gold spray paint when I created the wreath for mantle (blog post coming soon) and when I made these bibliophile frames, I knew gold spray paint was gonna be my friend. I had an old plastic pot that my dogs had chewed on (thanks for “distressing” my pot, Thor) that was the perfect size for my palm to fit in and grow. I used Rust-Oleum 1910830 Metallic Spray, Gold, 11-Ounce spray paint to give an old pot new life in my new living room!

Here’s how to do this with any old pot you have lying around. Plastic works best but you can also do this on glazed pots. Unglazed pots are porous so they might not work as well.

Shabby Chic Planter Redo Collage

First, clean the pot really well. Mine had dog slobber and spiderwebs on it – a good rinse with the hose will do the trick. Make sure the pot is really dry before the next step.

  1. In a well ventilated area, spray the pot and the pot tray (if it has one) with spray paint to coat. You may need to do 2 coats – don’t spray too much on or it will drip. Unless that’s the look you’re going for. I like to hold the can about 12″ from the pot and use a sweeping motion with the spraypaint can to get the best coverage.
  2. Flip the pot over and spray paint another two coats on the other section of the pot. Make sure you allow the paint to dry fully betweencoats, at least a couple of hours depending on humidity in your area.
  3. Once the pot is painted, put it back together and add your plant! 

I used some river rocks to cover the dirt to discourage my cats from “visiting with” my tree, if you know what I mean. You can get the Mexican River Rocks at Home Depot. Order online and get all the supplies shipped to the store or your home for free!! Free Ship to Store or Home. Now Available on Over 400,000 Items.

Check out more of our living room update posts here:

How to Make A Wire Orb Light Fixture

DIY Wall Art with Book Pages

31 Days of Unfinished Projects

So, what do you think? Do you have an old pot that needs new life? Consider spray painting it!

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Jennifer Priest Jan 2012

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Christmas In July Album – a Christmas Scrapbook

 Hello there fellow crafters! It’s me again, Candice Elliott, back again sharing an Christmas scrapbook album I created with this month’s Hydrangea Hippo Kit. This kit features one of the best lines from Webster’s Pages along with all the yummy bits and pieces that comes along with Hydrangea Hippo packages. I also can’t forget the beautiful ribbon. It just makes you want to use  everything like always and I almost did! I hope that you all enjoy!

Christmas in July Album Christmas in July ll Christmas in July lll Christmas in July lV Christmas in July V  

For the cover I just had to make this particular sheet of paper the first to be seen. This Chirstmas ray is so pretty. To go along with the front cover I added my all time favorite layerings and clusters of elements. Christmas In July Album VlChirstmas In July Album Vll Christmas In July Album Vlll  I took some chipboard pages and added them in this album. This one I simply painted gold lines just to add a little something different. Christmas In July Album X Christmas In July Album XlChristmas In July Album lX   Call me a nerd but I was just so giddy over this one little red puff ball!   Christmas In July Album Xll Christmas In July Album Xlll Christmas In July Album XlV Christmas In July Album XV Christmas In July Album XVl Christmas In July Album XVll   It is so cool to be able to think upon the holidays a little early in the year. I think of it as a little  prep time before the real thing hits.  The Hydrangea Hippo July kit is enough to satisfy until then.   Thank you all so much for letting me share and go grab your kit today!


How to Get Large Canvases CHEAP

If you’ve ever wanted to make a BIG piece of art and checked out the prices of canvases, I feel your pain! Sometimes I don’t know what the heck I am doing and then to spend $40-100 on a stretched canvas just so I can mess it up… no no no no no, I just can’t do it!

There’s really no reason to spend alot on an “experiment” piece – I have found the secret to how to get large canvases on a budget!


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