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How to Make a Dalek Halloween Costume Dress

Product used in this project was provided by Smoothfoam, Rowlux, Clearsnap, and Westcott. All opinions are 100% my own.

Doctor Who Inspired DALEK Costume by hydrangeahippo Jennifer Priest and Katie Priest hq

Do you ever have those moments when you see a craft supply in a whole new light? A few months back, I had an epiphany about Smoothfoam half balls: they’d be perfect on a Dalek Costume! Since Xaver and Katie love Doctor Who, I knew they’d be up for this challenge. I looked online at how to make a Dalek costume and many of them were based on dresses. I wanted something easy that anyone could make and I did not want to sew a dress from scratch Enter ROSS. I love going to Marhsall’s and Ross to find bases for costumes and other projects, like this paper and satin art dress created for a challenge sponsored by ClothPaperScissors Magazine. ROSS delivered on a $14.99 blue knit dress that fit Katie perfectly and was the exact shade of blue for the Blue Dalek (hey, I don’t know the proper name for the blue guy, please don’t hate on me! I know I am digging myself into a deeper hole so I will just stop talking about it…). Seriously, I find the BEST project clothes at ROSS!

So once we had the dress, we thought the hard part was over. The goal here was to not spend alot of money. I mean, a Homemade Dalek Halloween Costume should save me some dough, right? I guess that’s a misnomer about homemade Halloween costumes — they’re a little more costly but they’re better quality, custom fit, and they last alot longer. 

DIY Dalek Costume by Jennifer Priest and Katie Priest of hydrangeahippo 2

Gather up these supplies from a handy dandy place like Amazon. I made these links all clickable to the places where you can order these supplies online because I care about you, like, alot. And, if you click on some of thse links and make a purchase I get like a dime or something. But really, it is because I want to make sure you get the exact right stuff for the project *wink wink*….

Dress Supplies:

We spray painted the plunger to look like the Dalek suction arm thing – the handle is silver and the base is black. How the rest of the costume comes together, well, there’s a video for that…. later.

DIY Dalek Costume by Jennifer Priest and Katie Priest of hydrangeahippo 5

I also decided that Katie needed something in her hair. I thought about making a Dalek head with a Smoothfoam half ball because it is hollow inside once you get past a 6″ diameter ball but I thought that might look a little too “poindexter”, know what I mean? So I decided to go with a lightbulb themed fascinator, to mimic the bulbs on the Dalek’s head. Here’s what you’ll need for that:

Fascinator Supplies:

Now, the look doesn’t stop there. Here are some other things you’ll need to complete the Dalek Costume:

DIY Dalek Costume by Jennifer Priest and Katie Priest of hydrangeahippo

The easiest way to show you how this goes together is to do a video. This process is a bit long – it took us a few days to make this costume. But, it is totally worth it! The bulk of the time was spent on the Velcro. So let me explain what happened. I wanted to be able to wash the dress. And in order to do that, I could not just glue the Smoothfoam balls to the dress – they had to be detachable. We cut strips of Velcro, 4″ long for the center and 2″ long on each side, to mount the balls to the dress. Since the self-adhesive Velcro was not recommended for fabric, I used sew-on Velcro. We cut and sewed-on 60 pieces of Velcro on this dress – that’s 3 pieces per ball. That is what took so long in creating the costume. If I were to do this again, I might just say to heck with the dress, it was only $15 and who needs to wash it?! Lesson learned.

So, without furhter ado, here’s how to make a Dalek Costume:

I knew the costume was a success when Katie came bounding down the hall in it, with a smile from ear to ear! That’s the ultimatemom success. Well, she helped make the costume too. But isn’t that the greatest feeling – when you made something you’re proud of?! 

DIY Dalek Costume by Jennifer Priest and Katie Priest of hydrangeahippo 3

Are you making costumes this year? Tell me about them in the comments! And if you see Katie at Comikaze or Comic-Con in this Dalek Costume, say “hello”!

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How to Make a Kids Art Crate – A Krylon Challenge

Krylon Contest - Jennifer Priest - Kids Art Crate Collage

I’m participating in a Krylon Mini Mystery Box promotion! Last month, Krylon had a giveaway where they sent 50 bloggers a mystery box of product to create a project voer the next few weeks. I love the adorable crate that we got from Walnut Hollow, included in the kit! It’s equally as adorable as these Krylon Short Cuts paint cans – seriously, perfect for small projects! Have I told you how many half used cans of spray paint are in my garage, in the most crazy colors?  I bet you have a collection just like mine… what we needed were smaller spray paint cans and Krylon has answered with Short Cuts.

Krylon Contest - Jennifer Priest - Kids Art Crate 1 

When I saw the crate, I thought cute, and well, my niece is cute so I thought this would be a great project to make for her. Look at her, here with Matthew!


She really knows how to work it, right? My niece loves to draw, and living in a house full of boys, she needs a way to differentiate her stuff from THEIRS. I knew the pink spray paint that I received from Krylon would be perfect for this project. This crate can be stored on a desk top or a bookcase and holds lots of great art supplies that my niece can use to draw, paint, and get creative with, all on her own. She can bring it out to the picnic table in the backyard, play on the living room floor, or paint at the kitchen table with it. I seriously want to make one for each of  the kids, though, I’ll change the colors and hearts for the boys.

Krylon Contest - Jennifer Priest - Kids Art Crate 3

I created a video showing how I made this project, start to finish:

After making the crate, you’ll want to fill it with all kinds of art supplies, such as a pad of paper, watercolor paints, and markers, depending on what your kids like to create with.


  • Krylon Short Cuts Hobby/Craft Paint in Hot Pink
  • Krylon Short Cuts Hobby/Craft Paint in Gloss White
  • Walnut Hollow CrateAssorted Wood Buttons
  • Burlap Ribbon or Fabric
  • ColorBox Art Screens Heart Stencil
  • ColorBox Glitter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • 3 Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Assorted Art Supplies, such as crayons, markers, and a watercolor set

A big thank you to Krylon for including me in this fun challenge — I know my niece will be so pleased when she gets this adorable kids art crate and I can’t wait to make another!

 Find Krylon + Walnut Hollow online at:

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Big Fall Kit Sale


It’s that time of year again — our big annual kit sale on etsy!! Save big on our past kits and stock up. Seriously, where else can you get kits like these for $10?!

Also, I ‘ve marked down the mystery boxes to just $35 for a limited time only — that’s only $7 a kit when you get a mystery box.

3000 fan giveaways 004

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Friendship Bracelets … for Grownups

Product used in this post was provided by a sponsor, Sullivans USA. All opinions and projects are 100% my own.

Kumihimo Adult Friendship Bracelet with Sullivans HEBE Cord by Jennifer Priest for hydrangeahippo

Do you love the look of friendship bracelets? They bring back lots of great childhood memories but having tied-on bracelets with strings hanging everywhere is not a look I think I can pull off well. That’s why I made this version of a “grownup” friendship bracelet. This bracelet combines a woven braid bracelet with beads for a more sophisticated take on the traditional friendship bracelet. 

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelet with Sullivans HEBE Cord by Jennifer Priest for hydrangeahippo

Last year I got a Kumihimo board. I was super intrigued by Kumihimo when I saw a lady come into a Michael’s that I was demoing at with this crazy board with strings and beads hanging all over!!! So when I saw this new HEBE Cord from Sullivans USA, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with it in the Kumihimo Board.   I found an online tutorial for creating a flat Chervon pattern with the square Kumihimo board. I’m still a bit of a novice at Kumihimo so YouTube was a great resource for finding some amazing tutorials. 

I created the braid with two colors and 4 pieces of each color cord. I made the braid extra long, about 14″, so that I could make a double wrapped bracelet with it. I secured the ends with super glue, allowed that to dry, and then cut the ends. I used terminators to close off the ends of the braid. I then added chain to the ends to make the bracelet fit around my wrist twice. I added a clasp and then strung a wire with beads to match, attaching that to the clasp with jump rings. The bracelet went together in about one evening and is super easy to wear.


HEBE Cord from Sullivans USA is perfect for friendship bracelets, knotting, crocheting, and even Kumihimo! Check out more projects by visiting the blogs in the Designer Crafts Connection, using the widegt on the lower right side of this page to advance to the next blog in the list. 

What would you create with this new HEBE Cord?

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3 Super Easy Cards

 quick easy cards hydrangea hippo Collage

Fall means things start getting busy and days get shorter. One way to make a day brighter in the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season is to share a happy little card. I made these cards in bright springy and summery colors as a pop of happy on darker, colder fall days. This set of 3 cards is super easy to make, as all of them are a variation on one basic design.

3 quick and easy cards - Jennifer Priest

The blue card on the right has the basic design. I used a pre-printed card with a cutout shape in the middle as the base. Then I added a punched circle of patterned paper inside the window if the card, so it looks sort of like a hill or setting sun. Next, I stamped a sentiment on the front of the card and added a cute brad. Here’s how:

If you don’t have cards that have a window in them you can punch a window with a paper punch, use a craft knife and ruler to cut a window, or use a moveable die to cut a windo into a card base.


  • Pre-printed Window Card Bases
  • 3″ Circle Punch or Circle Die
  • Scrap Patterned Paper
  • Glitter, Felt Flower (optional)
  • Brads
  • Sentiment Stamp
  • Black Ink
  • Metal Rim Tag (optional)
  • Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue Pen

I hope you enjoyed these bright, happy cards! Would receiving one of these brighten your day?

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DIY Pom Pom Coffee Filter Garland

This DIY pom pom garland is so easy to make you will want to do one for every occasion! These would look great for a summer luau, Halloween party, or even at Christmas or New Year’s! Just change the colors to match any celebration. Or leave them white for a wahite party or wedding. I used tie dye to apply color to my coffee filter garland but you can use spray ink if you like. Tie Dye gives a really great vibrant color to the coffee filters while spray ink would give a totally different effect. Our Girl Scout troop made these for a camping trip they went on over the summer but they’re also great for a party.

DIY Coffee Filter Garland for LUAU by Jennifer Priest Collage

I didn’t get any photos of the garland displayed at the campground – they went beach camping but I hear the luau was awesome! Here’s what you’ll need to make a coffee filter garland of your own:


  • Standard Old School Coffee Filters
  • Stapler
  • Heavy Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Tie Dye or Spray Ink (optional)

DIY Coffee Filter Pom Pom Garland by Jennifer Priest - Finished Poms 2

I made a slideshow of how to make these. They’re incredibly simple. Each pom is made of 20 coffee filters. Fold each filter into quarters. Stack 10 of the quarters on top of one another and staple the corner. Fluff by gently unfolding the coffee fitlers. Repeat for a second pom half. Hot glue the poms together, sandwiching the twine in the middle. 

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6 FREE Tools for Matching Colors

Have you ever wondered if the colors you want to paint your living room will work with your current couch and pillows? How about matching colors for scrapbook page supplies to your photos? Here are 6 tools that you can use for FREE to match any color and come up with great color combinations to decorate, craft, and create with!

 Hydrangea Hippo - How to Use the Scrapbookcom Color Tool

1. Color Tool

This tool is awesome because you can upload your photos and it will help pick colors of products you should use for making your scrapbook pages. You can totally use it for other things though, like matching your couch to your living room decor, for example. Here’s a video I made on how to use this tool – oh and it’s free!

Hydrangea Hippo - Home Painting Tools

2. Color Design Pamphlets at the Paint Counter  

Pick up or just browse the latest pamphlet from the paint chip area at your local hardware store to see the latest in color trends and palettes from leading designers. It’s free! Plus, many stores have online paint matching tools for free, like this one from Home Depot.

Hydrangea Hippo - Pinterest

3. Color Scheme Pins on Pinterest

You can now search Pinterest easier than ever and that means you can find amazing boards ful of color schemes to follow and use as inspiration. Here’s a link to mine: Jennifer’s Color Inspiration Board on Pinterest. 

Hydrangea Hippo - Challenge Blogs 2

4. Color Throwdown Blog & Other Challenge Blogs

There’s a whole blog about color challenges and schemes? Well, there are a few but this one does a great job of it and they have been doing it for YEARS. They create their own color schemes and they are updated weekly, since 2009! Color Throwdown Blog 

Hydrangea Hippo - Big Huge Labs

5. Big Huge Labs 

Upload any photo and this tool will create a color palette for ya. For free! Big Huge Labs

Hydrangea Hippo - Adobe Kuler

6. Adobe Kuler Color Wheel  

And you thought Adobe only made expensive software… Check out this virtual color wheel, that you can use for free, to help you in designing your next craft masterpiece! Adobe Kuler Color Wheel

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